Born in Texas, raised in Alaska and Hawaii and then back to Texas, I am a computer geek -turned – nurse in my 40’s living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at this writing.  After being diagnosed with rheumatoid disease I had to leave bedside nursing.  I now work in a healthcare IT position, and recently finished a Master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics.  I’m married to the most awesome guy and we live with my now college-aged daughter.  I acquired four bonus kids when I married my guy, and they’re pretty awesome. We have two dogs and three cats, and we stay pretty busy.

When I’m not generating a 2nd bout of carpal tunnel syndrome on the computer and actually find myself with a free minute, I am reading, knitting, crocheting, spinning, beading, baking, or generally being lazy. I consider myself a Unitarian Universalist though I don’t currently have a home congregation.  UUs pretty much accept everyone for who they are, what they believe, and frankly we don’t concern ourselves with things like who someone else chooses to love.

The topics you’ll see on this blog range from my life with rheumatoid disease and weight loss surgery to parenting funnies to stories about being a nurse to crafting and geekery and anything else that strikes my fancy.

(Last Updated February 19, 2018)