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Well, it finally happened.  Munchkin has flown the coop.

Shortly before Thanksgiving last year, Munchkin's dad (Ex#1) passed away after long-standing health issues.  As she dealt with cleaning out his hoard (seriously, I'd forgotten how much stuff that man could cram into a closet) she decided she would keep the lease on his duplex and her BFF would move in with her.  It's taken her this long to get the place liveable and get the bulk of his stuff cleared out in between school and work.

But this week Muchkin & roomie decided even though things aren't 100% ready, to start sleeping over there and get the rest done while living in it.  So I'm officially an empty nester.  Though my garage will be serving as a storage facility for Munchkin's overflow for the forseeable future, and she hasn't completely cleared out her room yet.  Hopefully she'll finish that out this weekend.  Her leasing company bans pit bulls, so the dogs will be staying with us, and I imagine Munchkin will still be a frequent visitor.  We'll just have to train her to text before she comes over so we can put clothes on.  LOL.

So it hasn't quite hit me or the Mister yet.  We'll have our hands full for a while moving our own furniture around and filling space back up, as we get used to rattling around in the house by ourselves.  I plan to take over Munchkin's old room and turn it into my office/craft space and we'll see how the rest of it comes together.  I think we'll adjust to it just fine, I don't anticipate being all weepy over my baby being on her own.  But you never know until you are actually dealing with a situation, right?  We'll see how it goes.

My daughter is now 18, and says she’s not a Munchkin anymore.  But, since I only was blessed with the one kiddo, she’s Munchkin forever in my book.  She’s really a great kid, for which I’m grateful.  I don’t know how I’d have parented a problem child.  She’s been a good student (graduated Magna Cum Laude from high school), participated in lots of extra-curricular activities, and has been working for the last year for her gas and spending money.  Good kid.

I wasn’t exactly surprised when Munchkin announced she was moving into an apartment for college with a roommate – even though we live in the same town her university is in.  She’s an independent cuss, and I was the same way when I was her age.  Couldn’t get out of my parents’ house fast enough.  I told her I supported her moving out as long as she had the finances covered.  Plans ensued, donated furniture started accumulating in my garage.  (Though to her credit, Munchkin and Mister cleaned the horrific garage in order to make room for the furniture storage.)  Mister and I started planning the re-arranging of the house so that we’d each have our own office space – and each would double as guest rooms as well.  I started really liking the idea.

Then as things happen, the budget creep started for the girls.  The “all inclusive” apartment ended up not including electricity.  They would need high speed internet.  Munchkin wants a truck which guzzles more gas.  Then the roommate’s parents objected to the apartment complex as it was older and not in the best neighborhood.  Munchkin started realizing how many hours she was going to have to work at her multiple part time jobs in order to make rent, and started stressing about it.

Long story short, Munchkin will be with us at least her first semester of college, and likely through her first year.  I support her decision because it is the best choice financially, hands down.  She’ll have a chance to settle into the college routine, have a better history with her jobs to know what her income is.

But dammit, I wanted my office/craft room!