Interviewing is like dating

Dating is a necessary evil when trying to find someone you want to be with the rest of your life.  It’s not always awful, sometimes it’s a lot of fun, but mostly it’s stressful and sometimes it’s flat out awful.  Interviewing is a lot like that.

First there’s all the people who don’t bother to even acknowledge your resume’ or application, just like the people who don’t bother to respond to your chat message.  To be fair, just like online dating, I burn out on responding to people who obviously didn’t take the time to read my profile.  For the first two weeks of job hunting, I would politely respond to the recruiters looking for travel nurses in the ER or the ICU.  My resume and profiles on all of my online job sites clearly states that I’m looking to get out of bedside nursing.  I got tired of it and quit responding because they’re not bothering to read my profile, and I don’t have time to deal with it.  Back when I was online dating, I did the same after about a month of responding to the people who obviously hadn’t even read my profile: teenagers and people with opposite values to mine.

Then there’s the people who get me all dressed up for an interview (first date) and things seem to go really well and they say they’ll get back to me (call).  Then several days go by with no call or email (or text).  And several more.  Then it’s counting in weeks.  I go over every minute of the interview (date) in my mind, wanting to figure out what I did wrong.  Eventually I have to decide that they’re not going to call.  But for Pete’s sake, I put on PANTYHOSE for you (got dressed up for you), the least you can freakin’ do is drop a girl an email (text).

A few first interviews (dates) turn into second and sometimes third interviews (dates).  I get my hopes up, start imagining the way things are going to be.  I imagine decorating my office space, and meeting my new team.  (Okay, I’m not imagining house decorating and weddings on my third date, but you get the picture.)  And then days go by without any word.  I make excuses in my head…  someone’s out on vacation (busy with work), had an emergency come up (had an emergency come up), or any other reason why they haven’t called except that they didn’t really like me.  A few more days go by, and then I start worrying and going over every minute of every interview (date, phone call, text) in my head, wondering what I screwed up.  Occasionally someone will send a letter or email (text) and let me know it wasn’t me, they picked someone else (it’s not you, it’s me).  Mostly there’s no word.  Again, I’ve put on PANTYHOSE for you (dressed up), MULTIPLE times, the least you can do is call/email (text).

But then, every once in a while, the right one comes along.  The third interview (date) ends up with an offer (more dates, and maybe more) and things work out in the end.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted an offer for a new job in Healthcare Information Technology.  This is a fantastic opportunity for me to move in a new direction with my career.  I’m now thrilled to be out of the job hunt, and off the dating market.  Life is good.

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  1. congrats! yes, I totally agree, it’s a total skill set of its own. Also, making new friends as adults is like dating.

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